A Modern Pastoral Farmhouse

Freehold, NY, United States

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Shipley Corner is boutique rental property located in Freehold, NY - a sleepy little town at the foothills of the Catskill mountains. Renovated and furnished by designers Jersey Ice Cream Co, Shipley Gardens is both nostalgic and modern in its aesthetic. Aptly described as “modern pastoral,” our home is located at the junction of O’Hara’s Corners, a beautiful farm settled in 1822. Surrounded by rolling hills, ponds, and crumbling stone walls, Shipley Garden is a place to spread out, soak in the quiet, and revel in the darkest starry sky. No street lights, no tv, no distractions - just a beautiful place to recharge.

Whether lingering over coffee on the porch, taking a dip in a secret swimming hole, chatting over the embers of the fire, or having cocktails in the sun room, we hope you slow down and unwind at Shipley Gardens.


Originally build as a guest cottage for the larger farmhouses nearby, Shipley Corner retains its old fashioned charm, but with modern amenities. The house features four bedrooms: a large master bedroom with a queen size bed, a second bedroom with a full bed, and two adjoining twin size bedrooms with twin beds. There are two baths: one upstairs with a tub and shower; the downstairs bath has a shower.

Downstairs, the living room has an open fireplace, a dining nook, and place for projecting movies. The bright, airy kitchen is well-equipped and large enough to accommodate several cooks. There is a long farm table in the dining room and a sideboard filled with all the linens, platters, and candles that you might need to for a special dinner. Make sure to fix yourself a cocktail and catch the sunset over the open fields in the sunroom - perfect.

The outside property features a wrap around porch, a large yard with bonfire pit, pond, and ping pong table in the barn.

Getting Here

Shipley Corner is located approximately 2.5 hours from New York City by car or 2 hours via Amtrak. By bus, Adirondack Trailways stops at Cairo, a 14 minute drive away. It is recommended that you rent a car for the remainder of your trip if you take a bus or train for the first leg since there is no taxi service in Freehold.


Headed Upstate? Here are some of our favorite local spots, practical necessities, and fun retro things to near Shipley Corner. View on Google Maps here. 


1. Heather Ridge Farm
2. I.U. Tripp & Co. Antiques
3. Dope Jams
4. Yellow Deli
5. Greene Farms
6. Durham Valley Liquor Store Inc.
7. Mooney's Auction House
8. Lawyer General Store
9. Ruby's Hotel Restaurant
10. Greenville Farmer's Market
11. Stanton's Farm Market

12. Carlsen Gallery
13. Freehold Country Pub
14. Spirits of Cairo
15. Hannaford Supermarket
16. Di Stefano's Meat Market
17. Alpine Pork Store
18. Coxsackie Antique Center
19. Drive in 32
20. Cornwall Creek Swimming Hole
21. Catskill Creek Swimming Hole
22. Shipley Corner